All Calls are $2.50 for first 10 minute block. Billed as

AlphaNet Information Systems LLC.


Have you discovered how incredibly sexy an older girl is? How wet our pussies get, how good we can suck cock and how we know what we want and how to get it? If you have, then you are my kind of caller. I love role-play of all kinds but especially age play where you are my boy, just learning about sex and needing your mommy to help you find your way. I know you have been peeking at me in the shower, I found some of my sexy panties in your pillowcase. Is that were you hide them between jerk off sessions? What a naughty boy...LOL

We can have all kinds of fun together on the phone. I love to play along and am experienced in all fetishes/fantasies and find most a huge turn-on!! I'm a woman in my 40's and get hotter every day...Alone now for the moment, I am getting lots of sex on the phone and in person! Like to hear sexy stories? I have a ton of them! Call me soon and let's get to know each other. I offer a very personalized, discreet service and am available now!

I offer my callers personalized, 1 on 1, discreet phone sex fantasies. I am a no taboo/no restrictions kind of girl and welcome any and all fantasies. I do have a few topics that don't turn me on and if you are into extreme fetishes you might want to email me first to ask about your particular fantasy before you call me.



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